Led Strip 4.8 Watts Amber 5 Metres

Catalogue Number
Commercial Grade 3 Year Warranty self adhesive Led Strip
12 Volt DC
8mm wide
5 metres length
Amber colour 1600-1800K
4.8 watts per metre
3528 leds 60 per metre
390 lumens per metre
Requires an led driver
Can be cut every 50mm
Supplied with a 150mm soldered input lead at both ends
CRI 80
We also list cut lengths and offer a bespoke service .
Amber Led strip 4.8 watt 12 Volt 5 Metre .4.8 Watts Per Metre. 60 leds per metre . After ordering the strip you will need a suitable driver . Please note that to prolong the life of the driver ,the total of led strip wattage should be no more than 90% of the rating of driver. Each Length of strip comes with a 150mm soldered Input Lead to connect to the driver.We also list cut lengths .We also offer a bespoke service . The strip can be cut every 50mm . Using Aluminium Profile with the led strip provides many advantages.
It stops the strip from coming unstuck after time .
It diffuses and spreads the light
It prevents damage to leds when cleaning off dust etc
It prolongs the life of the led by acting as a heat sink
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Delivery Time Next day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm
length 5
Manufacturer T-Lighting