Led Strip RGBW 4 in 1 with 4000k white Led Strip 6.5 Metres 24V 25 watt

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Led Strip RGBW 6.5 metre colour change strip 4 in 1 with 4000k cool white
Colour and white can be mixed to give different shades of white
24 volt self adhesive led strip
12mm wide .6.5 metres length
25 watts 84 leds per metre
With this tape you can get rid of spotting with a 18mm deep profile and frosted diffuser.
Requires a wireless receiver , NON DIMMABLE led driver and remote control
See installation diagram images for ideas.
The Led Strip is dimmable with the remote control
Can be cut every 71mm
Supplied with a 150mm soldered input lead at both ends
3 year warranty
We can also produce any lengths required
Also see our Led aluminium profile to provide a heatsink for the leds and give your project a professional finish .
Led Strip RGBW 4 in 1 Colour Change Led Strip 6.5 Metres. RGBW 4 chips in 1 with Neutral white 4000k 25w /metre This strip has 84 leds per metre . Each chip has a colour change and dedicated white chip all in one .This type of strip has an advantage over standard RGBW strip as the white is integrated with the colour so it is easier to achieve a tube of light within profile rather than a spotting effect . This strip is dimmable .After ordering the strip you will need a suitable driver , a wireless colour controller and a hand held remote control . Each 6.5 metre roll comes with a 150mm soldered Input lead to connect to the wireless colour controller . We also offer a service where we produce cut strips of any size to suit your requirements .The strip can be cut every 71mm .Please note that to prolong the life of the driver ,the total of led strip wattage should be no more than 90% of the rating of driver. Using Aluminium Profile with the led strip provides many advantages.With 84 leds per metre it is easier to get rid of spotting .
It stops the strip from coming unstuck after time .
It diffuses and spreads the light
It prevents damage to leds when cleaning off dust etc
It prolongs the life of the led by acting as a heat sink
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Delivery Time Next day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm
length 6.5
Manufacturer T-Lighting