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Led Strip Silicon coated RGB + 4000k white 14.4 Watts 5 Metres

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Led Strip Silicon coated RGB + 4000k white 14.4 Watts 5 Metres

Catalogue Number: TLIPRGBNW15LED5

Commercial Grade 3 Year Warranty Colour changing RGBW Dimmable Led strip
Silicon coated IP63 Dimmable Led strip (Not Suitable for outdoor use .If outdoors use IP67)
Self adhesive 12 volt
Colour and white can be mixed to give different shades of white
5050 dimmable leds
30 Colour change leds and 30 white(4000k) leds per metre
10mm wide
5 metres length
14.4 watts per metre
Requires a wireless dimmer controller , Non dimmable led driver and remote control
See installation diagrams for ideas
Strip is dimmed using the remote control
Can be cut every 100mm
Supplied with a 150mm soldered input lead
We also list cut lengths and offer a bespoke service .


RGBW colour changing IP63 silicon coated 5 Metre Led Strip . This strip has 30 RGB colour changing leds and 30 neutral white 5050 leds rated at 14.4 watts per metre giving a total load of 72 watts per 5 metre roll . The dedicated neutral white chip gives this type of strip an advantage over standard RGB strip as the white on RGB is a mixture of the colours and not a true white .Therefore you get 2 strips in 1 giving the option to switch to neutral white colour whenever required and maintain a good brightness level . This strip is dimmable .After ordering the strip you will need a suitable driver , a wireless colour controller and a hand held remote control . Each 5 metre roll comes with a 150mm soldered Input lead to connect to the wireless colour controller . We also produce cut lengths. We also offer a service where we can cut strip and you can incorporate it into any of our aluminium profiles for a professional look .The strip can be cut every 100mm . Please note that to prolong the life of the driver ,the total of led strip wattage should be no more than 90% of the rating of driver. Using Aluminium Profile with the led strip provides many advantages. It stops the strip from coming unstuck after time . It diffuses and spreads the light It prevents damage to leds when cleaning off dust etc It prolongs the life of the led by acting as a heat sink

Additional Information

Delivery Time Next day delivery if ordered before 1.30pm
upc No
length 5 metre
width No
height No
Manufacturer T-Lighting

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